Vigor Season 2 Brings Hunters into the Mix

Vigor Season 2 Brings Hunters into the Mix

Oh goodie, it’s this game again. Long-term sufferers of ABG will no doubt recall how unimpressed I was when reviewing Vigor, the free-to-play, loot-and-shoot, pseudo-battle royale. Yeah, I know. I’m not as happy at having to report about it as any of you are at reading it.

But I digress.

Bohemia Interactive has recently released a Battle Pass for Vigor, bringing it up to Update 2.0. With it comes a new menace to the game; Hunters. As Bohemia said themselves;

“‘Hunters’ is a broad term, and in post-war Norway, there’s just one kind of hunters. Manhunters.

Capable trackers able to find their prey, skilled shooters aiming for a clean kill. Seasoned looters taking only the best that the ruins of Norway have to offer. Join them and see what you’re capable of.

While the best hunters are just a few in number, you’re able to get the cool things they like much easier than before. Previously, only the most dedicated Outlanders hit the top rewards in Battle Pass. We decided to make it more accessible this time around based on your feedback.

Are you going to seek out the Hunters as well?”



I really wish that sounded enticing enough for me to venture back into post-apocalyptic Norway, I really do. You’ve burnt me once though, Bohemia!

The team goes on to add;

“There’s a ton of interesting additions available in the Battle Pass.

Able trackers may use the new Portable Signal Detector. This allows them to take the antenna tower functionality with them whenever they see fit. They can even distract their prey with the Fake Glint tool. This new tool places objects that look like the sun’s reflection in the optics.

Outlanders who remember the Game Preview may have fond memories of the Mosin Nagant. Well, the legendary weapon makes a return this season. And it’s not the only hunter weapon, precision stealth kills ask for extraordinary pieces of equipment like a modern crossbow.

Added to that, there are new customizations available, including the Hunter uniform, cool weapon skins, or even new character gestures”.


Jeg Har Bare Skutt Deg, Og Nå Er Du Død

To be fair to Bohemia, it does sound like they’ve added a lot of content since I last played. As my review stated, it felt incredibly bare-bones back then. As this was only four months ago, I don’t imagine enough content has been added to satisfy my needs.

However, you may enjoy your time in the Norwegian woods with a group of other nameless Joes looting through boxes. Whatever you do on a weekend is your own thing, people. You do you, as they say!

Jeg Kan Ikke Tro at Jeg Må Skrive om Dette Igjen

Bohemia finish up their Press Release stating;

“While we focused on improving the overall stability of Vigor, we also made changes outside the scope of the Battle Pass. To make it easier, the changelog of everything we did is now accessible directly from the title screen.

Bullet penetration was made more understandable. We improved the calculations behind damage over the distance the bullet flies. This is both great for all the hunters and prey alike. We’ve decided to cut the prices in the Store making cosmetics more accessible for everyone.

We listen to community feedback and gladly improve various areas of the game, one at a time.

We decided to shorten the iteration cycle and provide new features to the game even between major updates. Our Vigor Partners are able to test the changes ahead of release. You can provide valuable feedback to improve the game for everyone.

Good hunting and be on the lookout for new additions to Vigor soon. See you in post-war Norway”.

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If Vigor Season 2 sounds like your kind of game, you can get it from I know I’ve been bashing the game a fair bit, but I really did not have a nice time. By the looks of things here though, the issues I encountered may have been rectified. Alas, as I do not intend to find out myself, I’ll have to depend on one of you to let me know.

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