“Videogames, Capitalism, & High Culture” – A Roundtable Discussion

“Videogames, Capitalism, & High Culture” – A Roundtable Discussion

Can videogames exist in High Culture? PM Studios aims to answer this question with their new project, “Videogames, Capitalism and High Culture”. Screening at the Cineporto of the Apulia Film Commission, PM Studios will premiere their newest project.

The Videogames and High Culture project continues its multidisciplinary path after having participated in important European events, including Devcom in Cologne. As PM Studios notes, the gaming industry has a world market value that exceeded $130 billion in 2018. However, it is estimated that in 2025, the market will reach $300 billion as well as a population of over 2 billion players. As such, public and private institutions cannot avoid having a complex discussion concerning this sector.

Videogames, Capitalism and High Culture brings together speakers from very different, often distant worlds and professions. However, they are all representatives of important scientific, academic, artistic and cultural realities.

Bringing Videogames to the Academic Landscape

Important partners, both private and institutional, support the event including;

  • Devcom, CNR-ITB (Institute of Biomedical Technologies – National Research Council),
  • Puglia Region, Apulia Film Commission,
  • Municipality of Bari – Department of Culture and Tourism,
  • Innovation and Enterprise Laboratory of the Department of Economics and Finance of the University of Bari,
  • Center for Digital Democracies (Curators of the Infosfera report),
  • VIGAMUS Museum,
  • AESVI,
  • TuoMuseo,
  • StraniMondi,
  • Associazione del Centro Studi Normanno-Svevi.

The round table will be open to a wide discussion with the public and will be based on some central questions whose analysis will be subsequently published online on the official website.

To introduce and conclude the event there will be Fabio Belsanti CEO of PM Studios, Roberto Talamo Theorist of Literature, and Elisa Di Lorenzo CEO of Untold Games.

The Speakers include;

  • Fabio Armenise (Archaeologist, Historical Reconstructor, Historia Ludens)
  • Marco Accordi Rickards (Advisory Board Member Devcom, Director of the Vigamus Foundation) 
  • Partaco Albertarelli (Professional game designer – the owner of KaleidosPublishing)
  • Nico Balletta (Head of Program at Devcom Developers Conference)
  • Adriano Bizzoco (Public Affairs Manager at AESVI)
  • Lukha B. Kremo (Founder & President Kipple Officina Libraria)
  • Emilio Cozzi (Journalist Il Sole 24 Ore, Forbes, Wired, Il Corriere Della Sera)
  • Franco Forte (Director Urania Mondadori, writer, Founder Delos Books)
  • Eugenio Iorio (Professor of Social Media Analysis – UniSOB)
  • Gaetano Macario (Professor Department of Economics and Finance – University of Bari)
  • Simona Maiorano (President of Game Art Dev APS)
  • Fabrizia Malgieri (Researcher and Professor at IULM University, Corriere.it)
  • Marco A. Minoli (Marketing Director at Slitherine Group)
  • Elda Perlino (First researcher CNR-ITB-Bari)
  • Micaela Romanini (Event Director, Gamerome, Founder Women in Italy Games)
  • Savino Santovito (Coordinator of Innovation and Business Laboratory – University of Bari)
  • Fabio Viola (Game Designer, TuoMuseo)
  • Francesco Violante (President of the Associazione del Centro Studi Normanno-Svevi)

The Project

What are they, but most of all, what could videogames be?

To what extent are old and new generations influenced and “educated”, whether directly or indirectly, conscious or unconscious, by video-recreational applications developed for the global market?

What is the existing relationship between High culture, in the complexity of its own definition, and the world of digital entertainment?

In 2018 Fabio Belsanti, game designer with a historian background, Roberto Talamo, a literature theorist and lecturer, and Elisa Di Lorenzo, CEO Untold Games, questioned themselves and, at the same time, asked a first group of scholars/academics and developers, these and many more questions with the purpose to feed the international debate on the complex and multifaceted universe of videogames.

In the spirit of the great essay Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga the project has been designed with a clear multidisciplinary intent and will try to follow several directions involving in the definition of questions and answers academics and developers from everywhere in the world.

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