July 3, 2022

Vertical Drop Heroes HD – Xbox One Review

Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid, where you play as one of the many heroes who fully believe they are the chosen one. However, there is only one chosen hero. How do we find and become this chosen one they speak of? Simply survive through the randomly generated stages with that hero and kill loads of monsters in the process!

This may sound like a really simple and pretty poorly thought out story but it’s the simplicity that allows you the player to create and expand the story of each hero. Vertical Drop Heroes is pretty interesting, you start with a selection of three heroes with various stats and abilities, the game adds an extra element to the gameplay because when you die you have to pick from a brand-new list of three heroes and can’t re-spawn as the hero you were!

The abilities and stats vary depending on what you have purchased from a previous run through, with a few run through’s under your belt you can upgrade the stats of the heroes. This will give you more varied character sets with higher abilities and powers.

As you descend through the randomly generated stages you will see heroes in cages, which once rescued will help you throughout the game in various ways as you fight your way through the stages by killing the various monsters. Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a classical side scroller with a twist and it’s a vertical scroll platform game where you have to get to the bottom. At the bottom of the stages waits the boss. Every enemy and boss has been designed to provide challenge and variety. The multiplayer mode plays like the single player with the option of split screen co-op.

One feature that would have been a great addition to the game, is the option to build your own hero. Admittedly with the sheer range of character design that you can pick from three on each run through means there is plenty of choice already.

Overall the game does a great job of combining the two classic elements of a RPG and scroller. Vertical Drop Heroes is a fantastic and fun experience; creating many play through’s with each stage being different every time.  If you want to play a fast paced, interesting RPG and want to experience something a little simpler but different, then we would recommend Vertical Drop Heroes HD!

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Vertical Drop Heroes HD is also available on:

PS4 and PS Vita on cross buy, Priced at £5.79
Xbox One price: £6.39

PS4/PS Vita Release: February 14th
Xbox One release date: February 17th

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ABG's Verdict
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


If you want a fun, fast paced RPG scroller with the button bashing mayhem of killing monsters, then Vertical Drop Heroes HD covers that perfectly!
This game is great value for money, as play-ability is endless as the stages are randomly generated every time so you don’t get the same level over and over again.

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