May 23, 2022

Valheim Sells Over 1m Copies within First Week

“The fastest, most powerful, and biggest ever Viking invasion in human history”

Indie Viking-flavoured survival game, Valheim, has only been available on Steam since 2nd February.

And to say it’s been a success is an understatement.

Developer Iron Gate said;

“This week may go down as the fastest, most powerful and biggest ever Viking invasion witnessed in human history. Why? Valheim has already surpassed one million sales in our first week on Steam Early Access. For measure, that is equivalent to roughly 8,333 Viking-crammed longboats heading to their next conquest!”

Steam Community

For any game in this day-and-age to sell over one million copies in one week on one platform is impressive enough. However, Valheim is still in its Early Access phase. And an indie title. And only available on Steam.

Furthermore, Valheim has had 160,000 peak concurrent players alongside 127,000 peak viewers on Twitch – all within its first week!

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