Update: Valheim has Now Sold Over 4 Million Copies

Update: Valheim has Now Sold Over 4 Million Copies

Well, we did say it would happen.

Yes, Valheim has now sold over four million copies on Steam.

A mere five days after it hit three million copies sold and three weeks since entering Early Access.

To say Iron Gate Studio is happy would be an understatement,

“When Valheim first hit Steam Early Access just three weeks ago, we hoped that all the hard work our small team put into the game these past three years would get the attention it deserved.

Little did we know just how much Valheim would resonate with all four million of you.

That’s right! Three weeks into Early Access, and we’ve hit another milestone; four million brave souls embarking on the most dangerous feat in over a thousand years of Viking history – trying to make Odin proud”.

And, as we reported last time, it isn’t just the number of copies sold that has been making the news. Valheim has also;

No doubt these numbers will only increase as the weeks days go by. We’ll be here, in…six(?) days time to give you the update