July 3, 2022

Upcoming PUBG event will include armored UAZ’s

It seems like you cant keep anything secret nowadays, there’s always somebody snooping around trying to find a hidden gem of info. This time, it’s PUBG in the spotlight. During this week’s PUBG test patch on PC, a little snippet of info was located. A certain ‘vehicle’ had been referenced, but as of yet, had not been mentioned by the developers. The armoured UAZ.


The 4×4 UAZ looked like it was about to get a makeover, with lashings of extra protection being added to make your daily commute to Pochinki that much easier. But all was not what it appeared to be. PUBG’s lead community manager was quick to reply to the masses on Reddit. Explaining in no uncertain terms, that this was, in fact, part of an upcoming event that hadn’t been announced yet.

Earlier this year the developers had mentioned that they wanted to add bullet penetration into the game, is this the first step of that mechanic being introduced? and if the armoured UAZ is for the upcoming event, will it still be around afterwards? these and many more questions will hopefully be answered sooner rather than later.

*source vg24/7

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