Unto the End Releases Today

Unto the End Releases Today

Unto the End, the Combat-Adventure game by 2 Ton Studios releases today. Available on Xbox, PS4, PC and Stadia as of the 9th December, and a 17th December release for Switch.

With Unto the End you won’t be fighting your way through hordes of faceless enemies. 2 Ton Studios have given every fight a reason, and if you lose your cool they will be over quickly. You’ll have to time your attacks and parrys well if you hope to succeed as every enemy could be your end.

But, fighting isn’t everything, you’ll also have areas to explore to help as you progress through the game. And could even provide alternatives to fighting. If you’re not interested in the nail-biting fights, that’s fine too, as Unto the End includes a Combat Assist mode. It won’t turn the game into easy mode, but will give you more time to plan how to deal with your enemies. All in all, it looks like a genuinely interesting game that fans of Souls-like games will definitely enjoy.

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