May 27, 2022

Untitled Goose Game Devs Giving Back to Australia

Developers House House must be one of the nicest group of people in the industry right now. Aside from making a game about being an anarchic goose terrorising a sleepy British town, they are also paying back towards Indigenous tribes of Australia.

It isn’t just Wild Bush fires that have put Australia in the news this year. No, thanks to the…ahem, less than noble past of non-indigenous people on Australian land, a movement is taking shape.

There is an apparent increasing desire amongst many Australians to fully reckon with Australia’s colonial past. As such, public perception of Australia is undergoing a shift. This shift covers the country’s recent and historic atrocious treatment of the native Aborigine people.

One such group who is looking to help make a difference is House House, creator of Untitled Good Game. The devs have recently acknowledged their own part in Australia’s mistreatment of natives.

Taking to Twitter, House House announced;

“Our videogame are made on stolen Wurundjeri land. We are House House will be paying at least 1% of our income to Indigenous groups, in perpetuity, as part of the Pay the Rent movement.We’d encourage others to do the same”.

The dev’s studio lies on Wurundjeri Tribe Council land and is one of the three groups to receive money. The “Pay the Rent” scheme sees payments going to various indigenous tribes. Tribes that benefit from the scheme include; The Wurundjeri Tribe as well as the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance, and Seed Mob.

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Not only is Untitled Goose Game an amazing achievement in indie gaming the developers are also doing their bit to help right a historical wrong.

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