Untitled Goose Game Coming to Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Soon

Untitled Goose Game Coming to Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Soon

As many people will be aware, Untitled Goose Game is definitely coming to PS4. We’ve already spoken about this before on ABG. However, we could not provide any sort of information as to when the Goose would make its way to consoles.

Thankfully though, developers House House has recently confirmed that Untitled Goose Game will be available on 17th December. Yes, after a long while of waiting, console players will finally be able to experience the majesty and beauty that is Untitled Goose Game. Plus, they’ll be able to wreak havoc and chaos. Which, let’s be honest, is the best part of the game!

(Can you tell I’m more than a little happy about this news?)

Plus, as if the news couldn’t get any better, Xbox has announced UGG will be available on the Game Pass. Taking to their Twitter account earlier today (10th December), Xbox posted the following tweet;


“Important PSA – we’re adding Untitled Goose Game next week”.

Now, “next week” will presumably be 17th. Which means our Lord and Saviour will land on consoles just in time for Christmas.

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Untitled Goose Game is, of course, still available for Nintendo Switch and computers. House House was also toying with the idea of making the Goose loose on mobile as well. Stay tuned to ABG for further updates on this story and others.

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