UnMetal – PC Preview

UnMetal – PC Preview

From developer @unepic_fran and publisher Versus Evil, we are presented with UnMetal. Anticipated to release in summer 2021, and available on PSVita from April 21st, 2021, follow Jesse Fox in his hilarious heroic stealth shenanigans in a clear-cut homage to Metal Gear, doused in pop-culture/gaming references and nods.

To be clear this is not a scored review and we graciously received a copy of the game. A demo is currently available if you want to give it a go yourself but enough foreplay, lets talk about UnMetal!

It’s Kill Or Be Killed

Down to brass tacks, Jesse Fox is imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, and you’re gonna help him get out of there – or explain himself to a superior officer. Either or. UnMetal is a comedically driven 2D stealth-shooter that plays off of genre cliches and generic tropes to throw players the occasional curveball funny. Some of the jokes are a touch crude, but I haven’t heard a fart joke yet – so that’s top-shelf.

Dodging plot points, spoilers, and anything too spicy, be privy to some shooting, questing, and Resident Evil-esque item combinations. Primarily gameplay takes the form of free-roaming levels to complete specific objectives involving finding items, defeating bosses, combining things…explaining totally, uh… non-commando things. There are some cute puzzles thrown in that may involve some backtracking and brain-racking, but nothing too punishing or offputting.

Controller usage appeared to be a preference for this title, though keyboard controls were adequate as well. Fox’s limbs are operated using the arrows keys and the X, C, V and space keys to punch, use items, roll and shoot stuff (respectively). It all works quite nicely i’m glad to report.

UnMetal hasn’t officially released on PC yet, so we can’t talk too much about it and spoil the fun but we are excited to preview it for you and be sure to stick around for more thorough coverage when we do our full review. In the meantime here’s a trailer to tide you over.

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