Unknown Number – A Voice-Controlled Adventure Game

Unknown Number – A Voice-Controlled Adventure Game

Now when it comes to gaming, I love games that are different, quirky and have a great story behind them. Unknown Number may well be just that. It is the current game release of Godolphin Games.

An innovative voice-controlled adventure game, played through a series of interactive ‘phone calls’. Join the heist and save the world. Ditch your mouse and use nothing but your voice.

Unknown Number tells the story of a high stakes heist and is experienced entirely through a series of interactive “phone calls”. This adventure will have you cracking passwords, tricking guards, impersonating oil executives, and just generally saving the whole world. You won’t need gadgets like Bond, all you will need is your voice!

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Unknown Number starts with a mysterious voicemail from two panicked eco-warriors on an abandoned oil rig. They’re trying to steal $7 billion from the world’s most notorious oil baron, to use in the fight against climate change. But something’s gone terribly wrong. This is where you come in.

As the narrative unfolds, you’ll be using voice-commands to talk directly to a rich cast of complex characters. To solve a wide variety of puzzles. Expect moral quagmires and head-scratching aplenty. Who knows, you might even make it out alive.

Unknown Number is out now on PC.

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