June 30, 2022

Underwater battle royale Last Tide is free to play this weekend

Digital Confectioners, best known for their underwater multiplayer shooter Depth, have hopped onto the battle royale train with Last Tide. 100 players put in squads of 4 will fight till the last man swimming, all while fighting off a multitude of sharks. Last Tide sets itself apart with its unique aquatic equipment, where you can even Chum-grenade your enemies, so sharks attack them.

Players can play Last Tide for free until October 1st. This will give gamers a chance to try out everything it has to offer. The game is also 15% off on Steam, so if you love it, you can get it for a great price.

Just earlier this week, Digital Confectioners pushed out their Megalodon DLC, where squads can find the gigantic Megalodon shark and take it down for a special reward. Winning teams get the option to fight the Megalodon after the match is over. If you defeat the giant shark, you will unlock the Mecha-lodon suit for your diver.

The update also brings the AAP-8; A unique full-auto pistol. It has a high rate of fire to make up for its weaker stopping power.

Also being introduced are Daily Quests. Complete a new quest every day to earn Clams. Among other things are new skins, and various fixes and tweaks. Click here to read the full patch notes.

Tell us how you felt about the free weekend if you participated, below in the comments.

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