Ultra Space Battle Brawl – Nintendo Switch Review

Ultra Space Battle Brawl – Nintendo Switch Review

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is as bonkers as its name suggests, it’s ridiculous. Street Fighter meets Pong hits the Nintendo Switch and I have the pleasure of playing it and reviewing it for you lovely people.

So lets start with the art design – Nuts! Sound design – bat *expletive deleted* crazy and it’s brilliant.

Blending retro gaming and crazy Indonesian comic flare, Ultra Space Battle Brawl is gorgeous and insane. Just check out the trailer, I mean come on people what’s with those bright pink noses.

Created by two people over two weeks as part of a Game Jam and programmed on the Construct engine but later rebuilt in the Unity engine made entirely by artists, so it’s amazing how polished this is.

As previously mentioned this game is Street Fighter meets Pong, you choose from a roster of ten fighters all with their own skills, attributes and weapons.

Your fighters range from Djarwani, the baseball bat toting hard nut to nasal discharge mad man, Budi. All of the characters are unique in their design and all have their own super moves.

You have two game modes to choose from, story or versus. Story mode is essentially a classic beat’em up arcade mode where you fight a series of fighters and mini games with each character having their own story line. None of the story lines are that interesting but they are there so that’s something.

You also have a your generic local versus mode which is perfect for some one on one action with a friend….get your minds out of the gutter! Supporting up to four players this is a game for you and your mates with a belly full of Denmark’s best beer.

The controls are good you have a dash button to help get around the screen quicker as you hit the ball at each other trying to kill the other players minions guarding his crystal and then ultimately destroying their crystal. The game is split up into a best of three rounds format and there is a variety of crystals and shapes to defend.

Gameplay is balls to the walls action and has about as much nail biting tension as when you daughter brings back her first boyfriend, however the hit mechanic is somewhat problematic.

You chase that blasted ball around spamming the hit button and aiming where you want it to go, but nine times out of ten it decides to go full Forest Gump and and just charge off in it’s own direction leaving you with your gentleman’s sausage swinging in the breeze.

As frustrating as the ball play is (yep I went there) the game is a bargain bucket of fun. The story mode is challenging, giving you a baptism by fire introduction to the game in spectacular 90’s fashion and just as you start to think you rule it then puts you in a 1 v 2 situation and not the good kind. Ending in you getting battered into one end of the screen until your beloved crystal shatters like your boyhood dreams.

Even though Ultra Space Battle Brawl’s story mode will only give you a few hours enjoyment the versus mode will give you and up to three friends just as much fun as that box you found under your parents bed as a teenager, you know the one I mean.

This is definitely a couch multiplayer game, it is where it excels and in this regard is just as fun and rage inducing as Peggle.

Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a game that brings the best of retro games like Pong and Street Fighter and adds a crazy eastern art design topped off with some Indonesian house music making a stupidly fun couch multiplayer game. For all you precision loving gamer’s you will find some of the mechanics frustrating but endearing.

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  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


Ultra Space Battle Brawl is a fun, frantic and insane game that begs to be played with mates. A frustratingly inconsistent hitting mechanic will turn some players off but if you can get passed that its a blast.

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