July 3, 2022

UK retailer Shopto may have leaked the release date for Dreams

It appears the release date for Media Molecule’s Dreams has leaked.

A tweet from UK retailer Shopto seems to have leaked the Dreams release date.

While the tweet was quickly removed, the internet never forgets: it was listed for a February 14, 2020 release.

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As we’ve seen in the past, sometimes dates listed by retailers are nothing but placeholders.

However, in this case, the tweet was removed so quickly, it’s possible the date was more than just an estimate.

Still, don’t take it as gospel until Sony officially announces it.

If you aren’t familiar with Dreams, it allows players to build all sorts of things and put then together as movies and games.

Those who played in the beta and through paid early access have created all sorts of nifty things.

Some of these include the opening section of Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and a Star Wars X-Wing demo.

While all of those creations are great, players won’t be able to share creations made from intellectual properties.

Check out the video below to see what’s possible in Dreams.

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Video Credit: Project Genesis

That said, whatever you create doesn’t have to be shared publicly, so you can always pass them around privately to friends or smaller groups of people.

Announced in 2015, long-awaited next game from Media Molecule was originally slated to release in 2018.

Sourced from: vg247

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