July 3, 2022

Ubisoft Welcomes BioWare Veteran, Mike Laidlaw

Ubisoft’s Quebec City Studio, the main studio behind Assassins Creed Odyssey,  has just welcomed a very talented individual into their family in the form of Mike Laidlaw. Mike is the former creative director and lead designer of the Dragon Age series and made this announcement via a LinkedIn blog post that Mike made yesterday.

Prior to this, Mike has been working as a consultant for various companies, one of which, being the team he is joining at Ubisoft. 

“The most exciting aspect of consulting was the opportunity to meet many incredibly talented folks across the industry and offer insight on some truly interesting projects. One of which, in fact, is the one I’m joining here at Ubisoft. In my months working with the team here, I’ve been really impressed with the combination of passion and raw talent in the studio. If you’ve played the excellent Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – which was principally developed here in Quebec City – you already have some taste of what that combination can produce.”

While he can’t talk about what exactly he’s working on, Mike did mention that “it’s exciting enough to make me move half way across the continent.”

Also while you’re here, check out the free games with PS Plus and the Games with Gold for December, which coincidentally may include a game Mike has worked on.

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