July 3, 2022

Ubisoft Slams Hammer Down On Toxicity

Ubisoft’s team for Rainbow Six Siege have been talking about avoiding toxic behaviour for some time now, and with their talks about toxicity, they gave us this back in April which outlined additions to their game which would further reduce bad behaviour.

With the recent news, Ubisoft has put an automatic banning feature in place which shuts down homophobic and toxic slurs that plague text chat.

With this recent addition a highly up-voted post in the RainbowSix subreddit that entails a member of Reddit: u/enforcerdestroyer that had decided to test it out and gave the subreddit this screenshot:

Enforcerdestroyer’s ban (The subreddit post can be found here)

As for the lengths of the bans PC Gamer finds that first-time offenders get a temporary ban of 27 minutes while more relentless players can be found with lengthy suspensions, moreover with a third offence, a possible full-blown investigation with ultimately a more permanent solution.

On a more happier note the Rainbow Six Siege limited time event Sunsplash Collection is still active until tomorrow! So be sure to get online to collect your two free packs!

Also with each pack purchased you are guaranteed no duplicates so you will always get something brand new! Further details on packs can be found here. (Ending 17th July 2018).

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