May 23, 2022

UPDATE: New Assassins Creed Gets Its Title

Ubisoft is currently in the process of revealing it’s latest Assassins Creed game via a stream with Instagram artist Bosslogic.

At 2PM GMT, Ubisoft started a stream titled “Assassin’s Creed: Teaser | LIVE with BossLogic” across their various social media. The stream currently shows Instagram’s most noteworthy fan artist BossLogic slowly developing a piece of artwork in Adobe Photoshop.

Earlier today, Ubisoft registered a website domain that points to the upcoming sequel being titled “Assassins Creed: Valhalla”.

As of the time of writing, the artwork simply depicts a silhouetted figure against a split background, with snowy mountains to the left, and a large hilltop castle on the right. The silhouette will presumably be filled in to reveal the games protagonist (or rather, one of the protagonists, should the new title follow Assassins Creed Odyssey‘s route of alternate gendered protagonists).

We’ll update this page with the latest information as it comes.

UPDATE 1: 3:33pm GMT

A boat which resembles a classical depiction of Viking Ship has now been added to the shoreline of the left of the background, reinforcing speculation about the Viking setting.

Meanwhile, the right side of the image has been complimented with warriors battling with spears.

The silhouetted image has also been clarified slightly, with much more visible, spiky looking gauntlets on the wrist.

UPDATE 2: 6:30pm GMT

Just a few hours later, and the castle has now crumbled into ruins, as more warring combatants join the fray below. The two forefront warriors have gained more armour, with the rugged attacker gaining a rounded shield and a sweet mohawk, whereas the more armoured defender dons a new helmet. It’s possible that the armoured defenders are Anglo Saxons, and their rugged-looking foes are Viking invaders.

The silhouette of the central figure is starting to get a little more detailed now, with some bits of nordic looking armour and cloth becoming more visible. The addition of fur coating on the figure’s shoulders also screams “VIKING”!

I’ve got a hat ready and waiting to be eaten in the unlikely possibility that it’s not Vikings.


And with a few more flicks of BossLogics brush, we have our finished artwork.

AC’s going Norse.

Ubisoft confirmed the new title will be “Assassins Creed: Valhalla”, with an official, full reveal scheduled for tomorrow, 3pm GMT.

You can watch the stream at Ubisoft’s official Twitch channel, as well as their, Twitter, YouTube and Mixer accounts.

Previous rumours about a new Assassins Creed game have suggested that the title will feature a nordic setting, exploring Norse Mythology and the Vikings. Whether famous gods such as Loki, Thor, or Odin will appear, remains to be seen. If so, the title would have to sidestep any similarities with God Of War, which teased the introduction of Thor in a potential sequel.

Stay tuned to AnyButtonGaming for more information about the reveal as it comes.

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