Ubisoft release cross-over content for Ghost Recon and R6 Siege

Ubisoft release cross-over content for Ghost Recon and R6 Siege

Rainbow Six Siege, the tactical shooter that’s all about quick-decisions, extensive map knowledge and predictions has had it’s own operators take a vacation to Bolivia.

Navy Seal’s very own Valkyrie has tracked another operator, Caveria, to Bolivia and has sent Twitch bring her home, Join Twitch in the two mission special nicknamed Operation Archangel.

This update includes new content such as customisations which include: Caveira’s Luison handgun, Valkyrie’s shemagh scarf, Twitch’s skull balaclava and the new HK16 assault rifle.

But if you like hitting it head to head with other players there are also two new classes inspired from Siege’s Smoke and Doc. These two classes are Toxic and Surgeon. Toxic has a drone which deploys toxic smoke and Surgeon has a stim pistol which revives allies.

On top of this new content they’ve also added two new PVP maps, Factory and Checkpoint, the ability to spectate in PVP and a whole new difficulty for those who think they’ve bested Bolivia which includes perm-death.

The DLC released 24th of July so you can jump right into it!

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