Ubisoft Leak Hints At Game Subscription Service

Ubisoft Leak Hints At Game Subscription Service

Usually when multiple publishers get behind a new idea it spells nothing good for gamers, with the likes of online passes and loot boxes having nothing but negative effects on gaming.

But subscription services like Game Pass and EA Access have so far offered some very good deals, with access to a large library of good quality games for a very reasonable monthly fee.

And now it looks like Ubisoft are joining the party, after they accidentally posed a placeholder image for something called Ubisoft Pass Premium on their website.

The image was discovered by forum ResetEra, after which it was discovered there is a subscription category on Ubisoft’s website – which is odd because Ubisoft don’t currently have any subscription services.

It all points towards a likely reveal at E3 next month, or more precisely Ubisoft’s pre-E3 media briefing on Monday, 10 June at 9pm BST.

What the difference is between a Premium Pass and anything else remains to be seen, but since Ubisoft has so many games as a service titles there’s likely to be multiple tiers depending on how much you’re willing to pay.

Ubisoft traditionally announce multiple new games at E3 and this year it’s widely rumoured that Watch Dogs 3 will be one of them, but whether the much-discussed Splinter Cell reboot will finally put in an appearance is less certain.

Source: Metro.co.uk

Do you like subscription services or are all these monthly fees becoming too much? Would you be excited for a Ubisoft Subscription? Are you looking forward to all of the upcoming E3 news?

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