May 23, 2022

Ubisoft Enters The Battle Royale Arena

When I hear of Ubisoft I think of Assassins Creed, Far Cry, the Tom Clancy franchise etc. Well, now there could be another one to add to this list: Hyper Scape.

It is Ubisoft dipping its toes into the Battle Royale genre. No, don’t close the article this game has the potential to be different enough from the plethora of Battle Royale games out there to make it interesting and more importantly fun to play. The teasers suggest that it is a fast paced FPS Battle Royale played in a futuristic setting.

It has Twitch integration which is great for the streamers amongst you. It will allow viewers to directly affect what is happening in the game from: enabling low gravity, granting infinite ammunition or even revealing player locations!

It has the typical feel of a Battle Royale game: players dropping into an area, looking around for weapons and gear, the map shrinks etc. However there are differences, to name a couple:

1) A Hyper Scape crown appears somewhere on the map. If you pick this crown up and are able to hold onto it for a whole 45 seconds you win!

2) You can fuse your weapons to upgrade them if you pick up two of the same type.

It is currently available on technical test for PC until the 7th July 2020 via a somewhat convoluted method via the Ubisoft site (details on how to do this below) and will come out on console later in the year.

If this type of game is your thing and you want to have a dabble and get your foot in the door before general release then you will have to be quick and this is how you go about it:

If you’re in one of the eligible regions you can watch select Twitch streams and earn Twitch Drops. Before you do that though be sure to link your Uplay and Twitch accounts at and then find a stream of Hyper Scape that has “Drops Enabled” marked.

Once you’ve successfully earned a Technical Test Drop, you’ll need to download the Uplay client (if you haven’t already done so) and add the game to your library by clicking the Hyper Scape banner within Uplay. All progress made during the Technical Test will carry over into the game when it becomes widely available.

Otherwise you can register on the Ubisoft website for the PC technical test via their website below:

Sources: Ubisoft, pocket Lint & Engadget

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