Two Point Hospital Getting Eco-Themed “Off the Grid” Expansion

Two Point Hospital Getting Eco-Themed “Off the Grid” Expansion

My current favourite obsession in gaming, Two Point Hospital, will soon receive a brand new expansion.

Two Point Studios’ comical hospital management/simulator will get the “Off the Grid” expansion from 18th March, on PC. The new expansion will see ‘eco-fever’ sweep across Two Point Valley. Three new hospitals will be inundated with challenges to boost their reputation. That’s not to mention new, environmentally-themed decor as well.

Two Point Studios notes:

“Tabitha Windsock, Two Point County’s ever-present mayor, has put rivers and forests back on the map with her sudden concern for ‘green-issues’.

One of the new locations – Wanderoff County Park Hospital – will receive funding based on a player’s Wellness Index ratings. By improving any of the hospital’s six main criteria, players can increase (or lower) their Wellness Index.

The Only Hospital You Won’t Mind Visiting

Off the Grid’s second new location – Old Newpoint – will see fruit and veg gardens brought into the hospital. Two Point Studios states:

“Keep everyone fed and watered by growing your own fruit and vegetables, and collecting rainwater”.

Furthermore, the new Herb Gardens will be utilised to treat some of Two Point County’s newest, “most herbaceous afflictions”.

And then, finally, we head to Windsock City, Two Point’s lean, mean, and green capital. Fully embracing the expansion’s eco-friendly mindset, Windsock City has done away with run-of-the-mill power plants. If players want their own power supply, they’ll have to build green energy alternatives.

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All of this, plus much more besides can be found in the upcoming Off the Grid expansion for Two Point Hospital. Check it out on Steam from 18th March. No news yet on when (or if) this (or other expansions) will head to the recent console releases, but here’s hoping!

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