Two Mi’pu’mi Games get Dual Limited-Run Physical Edition on Switch

Two Mi’pu’mi Games get Dual Limited-Run Physical Edition on Switch

Super Rare Games [SRG] is proud to announce it is partnering with Mi’pu’mi Games with a release of point-and-click The Lion’s Song and murder-mystery adventure The Flower Collectors. Both The Lion’s Song and The Flower Collectors will be available in physical form for the first time on the Nintendo Switch.

Only 4,000 copies total will ever be printed. These copies go on sale 10th June at 6 pm BST [10 am PT/1 pm ET]. The game will be available worldwide, exclusively at superraregames.comBoth games are included on one cartridge with a reversible cover representing each title.

In typical SRG tradition, this rare print physical release includes;

  • All the current content on its cart,
  • A full-colour manual,
  • Interior artwork,
  • An exclusive sticker,
  • And three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

Fans won’t have long to wait, as SRG titles ship soon after going on sale.

About The Lion’s Song

The Lion’s Song is a series of four self-contained point & click stories connected into an overarching narrative. Player choices will affect the way in which the story unfolds. Set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria, every episode follows a different character, each blessed with an exceptional creative mind.

Episode 1: Silence – Wilma is a young and talented composer, who has an upcoming concert that could make or break her career. Struggling for inspiration, she escapes to the solitude of the Austrian mountains to finish her defining composition, where she encounters the unexpected

? Episode 2: Anthology – Dive into the creative world and mental struggle of a young painter named Franz, who has the gift to see the deepest layers of his subjects’ personalities. Can Franz overcome his fears and self-doubt to finally see himself?

Episode 3: Derivation – Emma Recniczek tries to solve an algebra problem revolving around ‘change’. A gentlemen’s club of famous mathematicians denies her access to discuss her theory because of her being a woman – so she decides to disguise herself as a man. Can she maintain her disguise or will it collapse when put to the test?

Episode 4: Closure – The season’s finale will take players on a mysterious train journey that connects the storylines of all previous episodes. What stories will the four strangers on that train share along the way, and where will their journey end? Emotions will run high as players make connections with each character

About The Flower Collectors

Barcelona, 1977. A wheelchair-bound ex-cop witnesses a murder, and teams up with a young ambitious journalist to bring the truth to light. With camera, binoculars, and transmitter in hand, uncover the town’s secrets from your balcony in this soul-searching detective mystery.

? Solve a captivating murder mystery with an unusual storyline

? Meet a host of colourful anthropomorphic characters in a lush, atmospheric world

? Investigate using your binoculars, camera and transmitter to uncover neighborhood secrets from your balcony

? Create a crime chronology to figure out ‘whodunnit’

? Dive into the unique setting of post-Franco Barcelona in the 70s

? Emphasizes characters, world-building, and narrative over skill challenges

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Visit the official The Lion’s Song page and The Flower Collectors’ page for more information. Follow SRG on Twitter or their YouTube channel for more news, updates, and trailers. And, whilst you’re there, tell them Any Button Gaming sent you. You won’t get anything special, but it’ll show Ryan we care!

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