Twitter Commented its Way Through Pokémon Red

Twitter Commented its Way Through Pokémon Red

Constantin Liétard, a 3D programmer and Twitter user, has used his account to let Twitter play Pokémon Red.

Whilst it may sound pretty mundane, Liétard did it using his profile picture.

And to progress through the game, Liétard used other user’s comments as commands.

Let’s take you back; in January, Liétard set up the interactive Let’s Play on his account. Whoever saw the tweets could comment on them. The next prompt in-game came from the most commonly commented command. A new profile picture would be uploaded every 15 seconds with the progress that had been made. Rinse and repeat.

Fast-forward to 17th February, and Twitter had (somehow) managed to complete Pokémon Red. It took 40 days and over 90 thousand comments to achieve.

Naturally, this being the internet where we can’t have nice things, some ne’er-do-wells got involved one night. The hoodlums released a lot of good Pokémon. Alas, their trolling was in vain; Liétard and the positive Pokémon pals managed to best the Eliter Four and defeat Blue (the primary rival in Red).

What’s more, Liétard saved all of the uploaded images and composited them into a video. Now we can all watch in wonder at the majesty of the Weird Wild Web. Hey, beats having to go to work.

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Extra bonus fun round; the Twitter team also managed to capture Mewtwo as well. Anyone who played Pokémon Red (or Blue) knows how difficult this was at the best of times, let alone when you’re counting on random strangers on the internet spouting out random, inane comments at you.

Also, they did that when Mewtwo had that much health?! And when Dodrio – sorry, when Luke – was only level 41? “Impressive” doesn’t quite capture it, to be honest.