Trifox – PC Review

Trifox – PC Review

Welcome one and all to yet another ABG review. Today we’ll be taking a look at Trifox from Glowfish Interactive, published by Big Sugar. I found Trifox to be a pleasant surprise entry to the action-platformer genre, and I’m excited to share this one with you – let’s review.

How one derives fun from a product tends to be highly subjective. Therefore ALL forms of review are opinionated and should be taken with a grain of salt (this included). So let’s analyze Trifox, through the lens of more objective metrics such as; graphical fidelity, characters/story, content/length, controls & gameplay, and then finally, sound design & cinematics. This product was played on a 3080 10GB, 32GB Ram, with an i9-11900KF 3.5GHz and a 512 GB Steamdeck. For full transparency: this content was reviewed using a copy of the game graciously provided by the developer.

Graphical Fidelity

Kicking off this review, we’re talking visuals and Trifox does not disappoint – especially for a small indie team. Running on Unity, and appearing as a lovechild between DeepRock Galactic and Crash Bandicoot (in all the best ways) this game establishes early both its theme and soon-to-be familiar art style. It’s minimalist but effective and consistent.

Players have an energy/mana bar on the left side of the screen accompanied by their health hand cooldown icons. UI/HUD is all very tidy.

I must admit, from the TV-filtered loading screens to the cartoonish character designs, that I thoroughly enjoyed the visual presentation of this game. It’s light, cute and not too distracting when the going gets tough. While not extraordinary, effects and animations for explosions, abilities, and clouds are quite effective and satisfying. Includes ultrawide support, so that’s nice too.

Performance-wise, I rarely – if ever – encountered any problems. The game ran silky smooth for all of my testings with crashes or issues of the like. I only experienced a single technical glitch, with a door not opening three times until I reset the level. Nothing game-breaking, though slightly disruptive.

Characters & Story

Generally speaking, the plot is pretty simple here. Our unnamed Hero, (presumably Trifox) has been burgled. Their TV remote was stolen – serious business, indeed. Thus proceeds a journey-quest to acquire what has been lost.

Thematically, there is a strong comedic element to Trifox. Both its reliance on the funnies and its sense of humor will have to vibe to your subjective tastes, but if it does (and it’s nothing spicy) then there are some light laughs tossed in for good measure.

My only story gripe was something I will refer to as ‘Chekhov’s Tank’. The inclusion of and focus on an element that does not come into practical play in-game, while it was seemingly waved in front of us. Big sad friends. But it’s an ever so slight grievance on an otherwise pleasant ordeal.

Content & Length

The game is broken down into three acts, containing three main levels each and then a boss to finish. (Big Showdown aside). Unfortunately, there are no difficulty options, which I must admit would be nice as the game can be a bit rough at times. Although, it may be a specific part of the artist’s creative vision.

Trifox provides frequent updates on player and level/game progress with in-game screens that track stats. These are both fantastic and fun (for completionists especially). I did notice, however, that the game tends to forcibly linger on these for just a few seconds too long when completing levels.

Overall, the game should run players between four-eight hours of gameplay, pending skill and completion. There is no multiplayer component or new game plus, though there are a fair amount of well-hidden Gems to find.

Controls & Gameplay

Right away, my first impressions were Crash Bandicoot… but… twin-stick? Trifox’s primary selling point is not only its varied ability set but its ability to map them to any of the four bumpers (or main keys). Though I imagine this could otherwise be achieved with button remapping nonetheless, it’s fun to have four customizable slots. That aside, controls are pretty normal; left stick (or WASD) to move, right stick (or mouse) to aim. Everything works well and feels quite responsive.

Primarily the game is a platformer, but, in all honesty, it has a fair amount of combat. That’s not necessarily to its detriment once you get used to the game flow. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be able to complete a platformer for the life of me, and initially, I didn’t think I would be able to. Until an update added a circle indicating where the “underneath” (or landing zone) of your character was. Prior to this, players had to guess depth perception, and flat colours combined with non-dynamic shading = trouble. Thankfully, under-circle = Yay.

All of that being said, there are some mighty thin margins of error with many sections of this game. The gameplay also includes some minor puzzles. Aside from falls dealing 1/4 health, the area where players are most likely to die will be in combat. Big surprise. Players will have three classes to mix and match from, those being the Warrior, Mage, and Engineer. Players aren’t restricted to how they combine these wide skill trees, and that variety is quite fun.

Sound Design & Cinematics

Trifox opens with an adorable establishing cinematic to help players familiarize themselves with the premise of the game. There are others sprinkled throughout the experience, reserved for moments such as bosses and major events. I like them personally, as they don’t hijack but rather enhance the experience.

Lastly, we have audio. It’s all on the up-and-up, with charming music and the expected jibbering villain. There’s no voice acting, though I feel this fits thematically. Abilities and attacks sound sharp.


Point blank, if you like action platformers this should be on your radar, especially for the asking price. Trifox deserves a solid 8/10. Fun platforming adventures for all ages, this game offers playstyle variety, some secrets for the collectors, and enjoyable content variety. From combat to platforming to puzzling, Trifox’s got you covered.

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Trifox is available on Steam, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. Well, that’s a wrap for our Trifox review, what did you think of this action platformer? Let us know in the comments, we’d be glad to hear from you! And if you enjoyed this content, check out our Last Visit Review! Thanks for reading.

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A Solid Action Platformer For Genre Fans
  • 8/10
    Score - 8/10


+ Fun Visual Style

+ Focused

– No Difficulty Options

– Little Short

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