Totalbiscuit has sadly passed away aged 33

Totalbiscuit has sadly passed away aged 33

YouTube personality TotalBiscuit, real name John Bain, has sadly passed away. Bain (33) had been diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014, and although it went into remission, it returned last year, sadly it had spread to his liver and spine this time around. Bain had been having frequent chemotherapy session in a bid to slow down its progression, but earlier this month he announced his retirement from games criticism, but more importantly, he explained that his chemo was no longer working. Posting on Reddit, TB opened his heart and explained exactly what his prognosis was and where he wanted his famous Co-optional Podcast to go. You can read his full Reddit transcript here.

His wife Gemma Bain, posted about his passing on Twitter:

On a personal note, TB was one of the people who got me wanting to do more than just play games. It was a realisation that you don’t need to have a university degree in journalism to report on gaming news, you don’t have to be the best writer, or even be the worlds best gamer. A passion and a love of all things gaming are enough for you to get started, and with that, I am where I am today. I havnet, and never will, reach his dizzying heights of popularity, I don’t make a living off what I do but I’m happy knowing that I’m involved in this industry in some little way. So thank you TB, for all you did for the community and all the people you inspired. RIP.

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