Tomb Explorer VR trailer released

Tomb Explorer VR trailer released

Celeritas Games have released a trailer for their upcoming VR title Tomb Explorer VR, showing off how players can live their Lara Croft/Indiana Jones fantasies, minus the Nazis possibly.

In Tomb Explorer VR you will:

  • Explore large open worlds in VR, from Rocky Cliff Petra Tombs, Peruvian Inca Jungles, to Deep Natural Caves and Iconic Egyptian Tombs.
  • Find lost coins and valuable metals, and hidden treasures.
  • Navigate Ancient Ruins and Relic Tombs.
  • Collect historical Artifacts, and Relics.
  • Uncover the mysteries of the past.

Tomb Explorer VR Trailer

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The tomb side low down

As an archaeologist, you’re finished with school, ready for adventures and can’t wait to jump into exploring and unlocking the secrets of ancient wisdom and treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Featuring real to life physical interaction, including hand and body movement, crouching, jumping, climbing, and using weaponry.

Maybe deep down, I’m afraid of any Apex Predator that lived through the KT Extinction.”

A variety of ancient traps will attempt to stop you from achieving your objective. Players are encouraged to think in order to solve puzzles and navigate areas, with historical background stories staged for each unique area.

System Requirements:

You can support the team on Kickstarter with their upcoming project coming soon, but in the meantime you can try the demo currently available to download on Steam.

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