Tom Clancy’s The Division Joins The Humble Bundle Trove

Tom Clancy’s The Division Joins The Humble Bundle Trove

Tom Clancy’s The Division is the latest game to join the Humble Bundle Trove. The Trove is an ever growing collection of games available to monthly subscribers to Humble bundle. The collection of over sixty DRM-free games also boasts games such as Torchlight 2, Super Meat Boy and Amnesia: The dark Decent with more games being added every month these games are there to be downloaded and played at anytime on your PC if you are a subscriber. This Trove of games bear in mind is in addition to the monthly mystery games you receive as part of your Humble Bundle subscription.

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You can sign up to Humble Bundle at the website and start downloading your games now and what makes it all worth it is that 5% of your monthly payment goes to a different charity each month including Special Effect and Save The Children. Humble Bundle monthly subscriptions only cost $12/£9-£10 per each month.

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