Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is on its Way!

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is on its Way!

Good news, Agents – Ubisoft have announced the sequel to it’s post-apocalyptic role playing game The Division.

2 years after the original game’s release, Ubisoft have announced their plans for the future of both the current instalment and the upcoming sequel, likely coming next year. In a tweet from @Ubisoft at 16:15 GMT, the publishers teased us with a message simply saying ‘See you at E3 2018.’ The tweet included a link to a message from Massive Entertainment, the developers of the original and, now confirmed, the sequel.

Massive are adding new in-game achievements to The Division called “Shields”, which, when unlocked, will grant the player special rewards upon release of the sequel. The message is fairly short – more of a ‘watch this space’ warning – but boy is it exciting!

I loved the original – it was all I would play back in 2016. I loved the concept of the game, and after playing Destiny for 10 minutes and leaving it to gather dust, this game really got me into the idea of ‘grinding’ for better loot. I still find myself loading into a snowy Manhattan to check out new content with the occasional trip into the Dark Zone.

Speaking of the original game, Ubisoft also said support for the game would not stop any time soon. Monthly plans were included, with an Xbox One X patch in April, along with various additions. Global Events will also be added as time progresses, with the Shields feature starting in June.

I can definitely see myself firing the game back up in June ready for the release of the sequel, if not before. We can only hope The Division 2 lives up to its expectations and is even better than the original!

Source – Twitter @Ubisoft @TheDivisionGame

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