June 30, 2022

Toasterball – Kickstarter Project

Toasterball is the brainchild of Couch Game Crafters.  It was first released as a free demo on itch.io in June 2018.  Counch Game Crafters is now asking for the communities help to fund the full version of Toasterball via a Kickstarter campaign.   The campaign runs October 16 to November 16, 2018.  The developers hope to launch the game in early 2019.

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An indie game development company, Couch Game Crafters is run by 3 friends from France.  They “love jokingly coming up with ridiculous ideas, and actually figure out ways to turn them into fun games, weird videos or any type of artistic oddities”

Toasterball is definitely an interesting and fun game.  It is a 2-4 player party style game that is reminiscent of the old paddle games from the 1980’s with a twist.

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“The basics of Toasterball are quite easy to learn: simply press one of the buttons on your toaster for a short time, release it, and watch your toast fly through the air. The longer the press, the higher your toast will be launched. Each ejection also makes you jump, allowing you to hop around the field and push your opponent into tight situations. From there, any means are allowed to put the ball inside your opponent’s goal!”

You play as toasters.  With the assistance of the the toast that you launch, you goal is to put the ball in your opponents net. Sounds easy?  What if you run out of toast.  Then you just launch your toaster.  Anything goes in this wacky game of Toasterball.   First team to score 5 points wins.

In the demo, available on PC and MacOS, you are given set characters and a set location.  At launch you will have the option to play 1 of 10 toasters.  Each toaster has a “different visual, personality and background story”.  Mini games will change the location and type of battle, you may end up in a snow fight or toy boxing ring.

The demo gives a good sense of the classic game.  Sports games are not usually my forte but this game was surprisingly entertaining.  The music fits with a sports game, giving it a real sports competition feel.  The mechanics of the toaster lend itself to many humorous situations and I couldn’t help laughing when my toaster ended up on it’s side or even upside down.  In some cases I was the cause of my opponent scoring.

Toasterball is a straight forward and basic game that is also very entertaining.

Get in on the ground floor now by helping Couch Game Crafters turn the demo into a full version of the game.  Go to Kickstarter to contribute.

Source:  Press Kit

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