Time to Dive Into the Funky Universe Of Kapia

Time to Dive Into the Funky Universe Of Kapia

Dive into funky universe of KAPIA to help Stefan and Reny on their adventure to solve the mystery of dome survivors. Play for both characters and uncover the origin of crisis that divided the world. Kapia is a point and click adventure game developed and published by 2 For 2.

Game Story

The World Union collapsed, the nations are divided into coalitions “East” and “West”, a mysterious intelligent infection is forcing people to live under city lockdown. This is the world that needs saving. The world of Kapia.

Amidst the chaos, Stefan, a retired pilot and a strong-willed grandfather, takes on the responsibility of ending the conflict. Little does he know his most powerful ally will be his little granddaughter, Reny.

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People have different sides to them, and the same goes for characters in Kapia. Discover the story from different perspectives as you play for both Stefan and Reny. Follow their own unique paths to achieve a common goal.

A traditional point and click flow with an easily accessible drop-down inventory. To make things more exciting the developers have also added a first-person close-up menu where you can interact with various items.
Or play KAPIA with your controller and enjoy a modern game flow from your sofa.

The game is set in a reimagined living museum. Enjoy a carefully crafted environment that suits the unusual combination of medieval architecture and futuristic gadgets. Intelligent robots walk the streets of manually carved stone, power banks light up antique lamps, and typewriters serve as input devices for powerful computers. 

Kapia is out now on PC.

Source: KapiaGame

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