May 28, 2022

Time Magazine Names New Console as a Best Invention of 2020

And so re-ignites the Console war..

Every year Time Magazine releases a list of the most innovative and inventive technology. Although 2020 has been very different for many people, it has still had a good number of new inventions. In the Entertainment category we find two of the newest generation of consoles. Unsurprisingly we find the PS5 present:

“Sony’s new gaming console is all about small advancements that combine to create a revolutionary experience”

Time Magazine

However the Xbox Series X does not join the PS5, and instead, the Xbox Series S takes its place. With Time praising its approach as a portal to Game Pass and improvements over the Xbox One.

“it’s the basis for what could become the Netflix of video games”

Time Magazine

Should the Series X have appeared on this list? Or are you happy in seeing this new approach to consoles being recognised? Either way, there is a lot of impressive technology on show in the Time Best Inventions 2020 list.

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