May 23, 2022

TIL; I Really Want an FPS Mario Game

Okay, hear me out! What about if we put Mario into a first-person shooter?

As part of Mario Day (MAR10), developer Sean Noonan decided to release an FPS version of Super Mario Bros. I mean, why not?

Noonan has plied his trade on Gear Tactics, Far Cry, and Watch_Dogs, so chances are, you’ll have seen his work before. The lead level designer has reimagined Super Mario Bros. opening level as “The Super 1-1 Challenge“.

Mario is armed with a gun that fires plungers – he is a plumber, after all – and takes on hordes of Goombas. The world’s most famous plumber also utilises ground pounds and his proclaimed jumping abilities to tackle all manner of obstacles.

Noonan posted the footage to The project was born out of the “Mapcore Challenge” on a Discord campaign. Noonan notes that the Mapcore tasks devs with “reimagining classic video game levels”.

Utilising familiar Mario gameplay into Unreal Engine 4, Noonan created something I definitely need in my life.

Obviously this isn’t exactly a kosher creation and probably didn’t receive Nintendo’s blessing. As Ninty is infamously protective of their IP, I’m not sure they would be happy with the project. Thankfully, there isn’t a lot more beyond what you can see here, which will (hopefully) be enough to avoid a cease & desist letter.

YouTube player

But, again, Mario in a first-person shooter. I would pay actual money on that idea! If you fancy a chat with Noonan, get on his Discord channel.

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