May 23, 2022

Three Huge Expansions For Destiny 2 Announced

Bungie just dropped some great news for all you Destiny 2 lovers. There are no less than three new expansions announced for Destiny 2. The first one is called Beyond Light and will be released on September 22. Check out the reveal trailer and gameplay trailer, both from Sony’s official YouTube channel.

YouTube player
YouTube player

The Beyond Light expansion will take us to one of Jupiter’s moons, namely Europa. Eramis is the name of our main bad-guy and he/she(?) is trying to amass an Exo-army to do bad things, presumably.

Old But Gold

Beyond Light will also take us back to the Cosmodrome from the original Destiny. But that’s not all. Vault of Glass will also be making a return along with a number of other, classic, raids, and areas. However, some of the current content will sort of “fade away” and be put into a vault, which will rotate what content will be available.

No Destiny 3

The other two expansions are called Witch Queen and Lightfall. These expansions will be released in 2021 and 2022. Thus, with all these expansions being released, over the coming years, Bungie did say that we shouldn’t expect to see Destiny 3, any time soon anyway.

With this information in hand it’s no surprise Destiny 2 will bee released on next-gen platforms as well. The game will support 4k resolution and 60fps for both Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Also all of your loot, currency and upgrade material will be automatically transferred if you choose to upgrade. Cross-play is also said to become available next year, but there are no more information at this time.

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