July 6, 2022

THQ Nordic have acquired Kingdoms of Amalur

THQ Nordic have recently announced that they have acquired the Kingdoms of Amulur IP and other assets from 38 studios. This is rumoured to also include the never made MMO project – Copernicus. No other info has been revealed at this time but a tweet from Tim White – investigative reporter for CBS states it sold for $900k. Fans of the fantasy role-playing game are hoping this means a revival of the game. Kingdoms of Amulur: Reckoning was a bit of a flop for 38 Studios, a flop that left them roughly $75 million out of pocket thanks to a loan deal that they were unable to repay. That being said, the game itself was well received by its fans, it just didn’t have anywhere near its projected sales.

This isn’t the first IP that has been bought by them, for the last few years they have been on a bit of a spending spree. Nordic Games acquired THQ in early 2013, granting them ownership of Darksiders and Red Faction to name just a few. After a quick rebranding to THQ Nordic in 2016 they went on to acquire Koch Media in the early part of 2018 and the purchase of the Timesplitters series from Crytek.

*source Polygon

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