THQ Nordic Has Opened a Merch Store.

THQ Nordic Has Opened a Merch Store.

THQ Nordic has announced that they have opened a new merchandise store for all your gaming apparel and collectable needs.

The new site currently features products from several of THQ Nordic’s franchise including Destroy All Humans!, Darksiders and Kingdoms of Amalur.

THQ Nordic
The Apocalypse is coming…better pour me another!

In a statement THQ Nordic explained why they’ve decide to open the online store:

We are very passionate about our games. Each and every one. And we know, there are many gamers out there, who share our passion. And sometimes, this passion is not only about playing the game but also following the entire franchise. For the true fans, who want to have more of our games into their lives, THQ Nordic has partnered up with Snap Creative and Itemlab, to open up our very first merch store for all kinds of products

THQ Nordic
I mean…. I’d buy a pair.

They’ve also announced an affiliate program, where you may be able to bag some secret cool stuff along with a sweet sweet discount for you and your followers/viewers. You can check that out here!

There is currently a US and an EU store for you to browse. At the moment the US store has slightly more to choose from, but no doubt new items will be added to both stores all the time

For the EU:
For the US:

Now the big question is…what to buy first? I mean its obviously the flip-flops…Size 12 please.

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