Thief of Thieves: Season One – Nintendo Switch Review

Thief of Thieves: Season One – Nintendo Switch Review

Thief of Thieves attempts to put you in the shoes of a master thief, coordinating your team to complete the objectives.

The game blends stealth, team management and quick time events mostly well, though it can suffer at times from a lack of gameplay mechanic explanations.

Stealth isn’t that well implemented with guards being able to see you easily at times and at other times they won’t notice you if you were screaming obscenities whilst wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (Oblivion was amazing).

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You can often get stuck on some scenery that you’d expect to pass normally, which is less than ideal when a bland security guard manages to spot you despite him seemingly not having eyes (as far as the graphics dictate).

Team management works well, with Celia having the ability to instruct the gang members when to action their available skill, though the prompts can be clumsy to execute on moving characters.

I couldn’t help but wish for a tactical pause mechanic (like Dragon Age) or at least an option to slow time to help action your ideas whilst executing objectives.

The Premise

Thief of Thieves is based on the comic created by Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies fame.

You take control of Celia Kowalczyk, as she attempts to establish herself in a new team whilst visiting Italy.

Celia is an engaging character from the start and I really enjoyed just the style of the intro as you make your way through the airport.

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Thief of Thieves features a cast of colourful characters including the suave Damiano, typical hacker type geek Chip (who’s English accent makes me wonder how I sound to others) and master thief Redmond to name a few.

I enjoyed the voice acting due to every character being varied and the team dynamic working well to show which excels at differing roles.

The game also does a good job of balancing the flashbacks at the start to convey Celia’s situation.

Graphically Mixed Success

Graphically the games cutscenes look great using the comic book style to good effect, with speech bubbles popping in and stylish cuts between scenes.

Unfortunately the gameplay visuals aren’t as impressive despite the interesting style, with grainy textures reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation.

The foreground can be clear with the background a fuzzy mess that makes it hard to assert just where you want to go.

It can also be hard to make out doors and other entry points despite the option to switch between camera angles.

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Now a Whole Section Devoted to the Games Music…

The music is satisfactory…

It’s hit and miss generally, dependent on which section of the game you’re playing, but I did enjoy it more often than not.

Control Difficulties

The controls work fairly well, the L button let’s you use your intuition to highlight objects in the area that can be interacted with.

Some questions will give you dialogue choices, though these answers can be either cringe worthy or some strange attempt at a witty retort that usually falls far of the mark.

Crouching to sneak can be awkward as you have to hold down the R button, which makes interacting with anything else difficult especially when playing handheld.

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Thief of Thieves controls work best when having to complete one of the mini games. Safe hacking; which involves spinning a wheel to align the safes teeth, lock picking; where you have to keep your reticule in the circle as it shrinks and pick pocketing that involves quick button presses.

Hacking isn’t as fun due to the need to press your prompt on quite a small area of a fast moving needle… though maybe I just suck at that.


Despite an interesting premise Thief of Thieves: Season One fails to make an interesting heist management sim, being lost somewhere between a small scale Hitman/GTA V style crossover that doesn’t deliver in either way.

The most criminal element of the game is easily the load times, leaving enough time to read a short novel, register to vote or tile a small bathroom in Bevelled Edge Red Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles.

Pros –

  • Characters are well written
  • Mini games are fun
  • Cutscenes are visually striking

Cons –

  • Graphically poor gameplay ( despite the cutscenes looking great )
  • Can’t quite execute a management and action blend
  • Finicky controls
  • Criminal load times

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Criminal team management has never been so dull
  • 5/10
    Overall - 5/10


Despite an interesting idea, Thief of Thieves fails to blend it’s gameplay styles.

The mini games are an easy highlight with the stealth at the opposite end, being as effective as wearing hi-vis  in the cinema.

Hopefully season two will address some one these issues and deliver what is a promising idea.

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