May 16, 2022

There’s a Death Stranding-Inspired Anorak that Costs £1,500

Here at ABG, we love Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima, and Death Stranding. However, we can’t seem to fathom anyone spending £1,500 on this Death Stranding-inspired ACRONYM anorak!

A ResetEra user has alerted the world to the existence of this Death Stranding-inspired anorak.

Coming from Acronym, the German outfitter, the J1A-GTKP has been developed in close collaboration with Hideo Kojima. The J1A-GTKP is an officially licensed BRIDGES branded variant of Acronym’s J1A-GT Gen 2.2.

The Acronym website lists the J1A-GTKP has been “built with next-generation Gore-Tex Pro fabric technology”. This ensures an “improved ruggedness, increased breathability, and greater comfort in more conditions”.

However, for anyone who fancies the anorak, there are two things you should note. Firstly, the garment costs a staggering £1,500! And, secondly, it’s already sold out.

Yes, as hard as that might be to fathom, the entire stock has already been raided. Kojima fans, what can we say?

The kicker is, the anorak doesn’t come with that baby pod on the front (thankfully?). Nor does it feature those boxes the model is showcasing for us. (Bonus point: the model is none other than Errolson Hugh, a fashion designer with Acronym who just so happened to feature in Death Stranding).

It does however, come with that oddly positioned yellow pouch. Before you ask, yes, it is removable.

So, what do you think? Would this have been something you would have bought if you knew about it/had the money? Sound off in the comments section below.

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