There is Already a Mod to Correct Resident Evil 8’s Disapointing FoV

There is Already a Mod to Correct Resident Evil 8’s Disapointing FoV

Resident Evil Village, or Resi 8 if you like was released just today to much fanfair. The reviews are in, and on the whole they are favourable. Metacritic has it at a solid 84 out of 100 based on 72 reviews at time of writing. IGN has it at 8 out of 10, TechRadar gave it 4 out of 5 stars, GameInformer a giddy 9.2. Failing to reach the rarified air of a perfect 10 seems down to a number of fairly avoidable faults. But there’s one thing that has really gotten under some gamers skin. The Field of View.

So much so, in fact, that one intrepid modder has already fixed it. But we’ll get to that. To recap, Resident Evil Village has received near widespread acclaim for its near photorealistic visuals. These of course are powered formt he phenomenal RE engine, pioneered in Resident Evil 7 and later showcased again in the excellent remakes. Eurogamer’s John Linnerman had this to say in reviewing the game’s technical performance,

“It’s…a remarkable showcase for the excellent RE Engine, with image quality, performance and ray tracing enhancements for the next generation of consoles combined with a dramatic boost in scale and scene complexity across the board”

John Linnerman, Eurogamer

But amid the perfectly rendered scenery, each ray of light traced to within a photon of its light, there remains one glaring issue. Currently Resident Evil Village appears to use between a 60 and 70 degree FoV (Field of View). This, by any FSP standard is extremely narrow, with views this bereft often linked to motion sickness. This is of course even worse for the PC Master Race, with their glorious wide screen monitors making the field of view seem even more constraining.

Modding at the speed of light

The good news is that, of course, someone has already created a mod that fixes the issue. Created by Maceaface of NexusMods, he had this to say about the release;

“CAPCOM has done it again. Another first person Resident Evil game with a locked FoV and vignette coverage. One imagines they’ll trot out the same insane nonsense as last time about it being more spook when you’re getting motion sickness. So I wrote a tool to fix it.”

The key features of the mod are listed here for curious minds. But of course, this is only going to help PC gamers who are able to utilise the mod. Console owners will, for now have to make do with what can only be described as a blinkered view of the release. Given the praise Capcom have received on the technical aspects and look of the game, it’s a wonder the shipped copy played today by countless thousands can only see half of it at a time.

Sourse; NexusMods