May 23, 2022

Theorists Unite! Could a Single Image Tease a New Silent Hill Game?

On February 28th, Kojima Productions head of communications Aki Saito twitted a picture on the Official Twitter for the studio. This single photo confirmed that he still works for the company. But the little details in the photo are driving people looking for a new Silent Hill game crazy.

The first detail people picked up on was that words be spoke. He wrote: He wrote: “Sorry to be silent everyone! I’ve been really busy lately…..I think i can say more soon about what we are going to…..”. Its the use of the word “silent”.

The next detail is hidden in the image. Saito is holding a wooden pencil that is a Pyramid brand. This could be a reference to the antagonist, Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill games. Along with the pencil is the message on the post-it note below his hand. Written in English is the message ” Next Week!”. Could this lead to an official game announcement?

Long Standing Rumors

Kojima Productions has been long rumored to be working on a soft reboot of the Silent Hill game. Hideo Kojima talked back in November about how he’s been watching a ton of the scariest horror movies to make the best horror game. But no official announcements have been made at this time.

Do you think that this could be leading to a new Silent Hills game? Or are fans just reaching for any possibility of a new game? Let us know below in the comment section.

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