The Xbox Onesie is Coming

The Xbox Onesie is Coming

‘Tis the Season to be jolly! And what better way to get jolly than to relax in a comfortable onesie, playing games on Christmas day?

Well, how about doing that in an officially licenced Xbox onesie whilst playing Gears 5?

Yep, one of the most infamous pieces of gaming merchandise is making a return. This time around, it isn’t exclusive to Australia, either! (Context; back in 2016, a similar onesie was released and was exclusive to Aussie stores).

As the official Microsoft store mentions;

“The Xbox Hooded Union Suit delivers a whole lot of comfort – and style – for your game-filled days and nights.

The sentimental staple gets a cool-kid makeover, plus some serious-gamer cred with the official Xbox Hooded Union Suit. Designed for the loud-and-proud gamers, it boasts three separate pockets for an Xbox One controller, TV remote and phone. And the big sewn Xbox sphere applique on the back ensures the world knows where you stand”.


But Wait, There’s More…

I mean, that alone makes me want to get one. What about you guys out there? Oh, but wait, before you answer, get a load of this!;

“Casual Fridays? Sure, your boss might hate it, but deep down you know it’s because they wish they had one, too. Made of 100% polyester, this bold fashion piece is certain to clear the pavement and leave strangers beside themselves with envy”.


Ever with their finger on the pulse of what gamers need (Sarcasm? Where?), Microsoft made sure to remind gamers that they might take a little longer going to the bathroom in one;

“Designed for long nights spent conspiring and battling with frenemies near and far, this loosely fitted hooded union suit keeps you snug and cosy through every campaign. Just be sure to add a little extra time for breaks”.


And if all of that wasn’t enough to tempt you, check out these features;

The Official Xbox Onesie Features;

  • Hooded union suit.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Pockets for Xbox controller, TV remote and mobile phone
  • Gentle wash cycle/tumble dry medium heat

I mean, what do you get the gamer who has everything, right? Before you rush out and pre-order one in time for its 17th December release, you might wanna know the price. An unfunny £64.99! Ouch! Still, you’d be the coolest person at your work’s Christmas party! Or, at the very least, the warmest.

If you (or somebody you love) gets this for Christmas, why not send us a picture of yourselves decked out in it? We’ll upload them on our page at a later date. And, as always, have a Merry Christmas regardless of what you wear or game

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