July 2, 2022

The Xbox Insider Team is looking for more Alpha Skip Ahead members! Want an invite?

The Insider program on Xbox One is a few years old now and just keeps rolling out new features for testing by early adopters. Now Microsoft has announced that it’s giving participants a chance to try features that are even further away from their scheduled release date with a new “Alpha – Skip Ahead” ring of testers.

You’ve had to be part of a very exclusive club to try Xbox One features in their rawest form — so exclusive the criteria has been “closely guarded,” Microsoft said. Now, though, the company is loosening its restrictions ever so slightly. The Xbox Insider unit is inviting more people to join the Alpha Skip Ahead ring so that it can expand testing for key updates.

You’ll know if you get in through an Xbox Live message formally inviting you to the test ring.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Alphas are rough by their very nature, and Microsoft warned that the current Alpha Skip Ahead build has bugs that can prevent the home dashboard from loading or prompt you for a passcode even if the feature is turned off. You may only want to sign up if you’re determined to try new features and feel that even beta tests are too slow.

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