July 3, 2022

The Way Remastered – Nintendo Switch Review

During the 90’s there was some of my favourite 2D adventure games like Flashback, its sequel Another World and Heart Of Darkness. These games were unique and exciting with their lateral thinking puzzles and storytelling. The Way Remastered pays homage to these classic games with both its art style and puzzle/platforming mechanics but does it bring back that nostalgia or does it lose its way (see what I did there?).

You start by digging up your your dead wife’s grave and stealing the corpse…….yup grave robbing on a Nintendo system. You are Major Tom and you are on a mission to see if you can resurrect your dead wife. MJ as we will call him has heard of a way to resurrect the dead but to do this he must undertake a perilous journey to the furthest points of the galaxy, complete puzzles and outwit foes along the way. The story telling is strong, using the musical score, occasional voice acting, flashbacks and letters as some of the ways to draw you into this tale. I got invested straight away in MJ’s tale as the opening is both emotional and sets the scene perfectly for the game. I want to keep this spoiler free but the story should keep you invested for the duration and the ending perfectly complemented the narrative.

Gameplay takes you straight back to those Mega Drive days with its clunky and awkward controls, I think this is intentional and is definitely a kin to Another World although can become frustrating later on when it comes to pixel perfect platforming. The first act is okay but the story compensates as it familiarises you with the mechanics and controls, the second act is by far the best portion of the game and is addictive and really nails the puzzle solving of the classic games that inspired it. The third act feels padded and most of the puzzle rooms feel poorly designed, with looks of backtracking to the same location and uninspired puzzles. Now the boss battles are great and mainly consist of being chased while you backtrack across platforms and ladders, without spoiling anything the final boss just doesn’t fit with the rest of the game and feels completely out of left field.

Its time we address the elephant in the room. On release The Way Remastered had a crippling game breaking bug but developers Puzzling Dream were quick to address this and patch it so luckily as this review is after the fact I did not encounter this problem. The musical score for this game is great and there is even a mode where you can just listen to its soundtrack if you so desire which is a nice touch. Art design is gorgeous and perfect to get those nostalgic memories going. There are some incidents when you will walk in front of something that is clearly meant to be in the foreground of the sprite but unless you look for it you shouldn’t notice it, other than that the pixel art is amazing and some of the vistas/environments are gorgeous, even pushing what I thought was possible with pixel art. Enemies are a mixed bag with some being beautifully unique and some just being a pink plant that does one easily predictable move.

One very unique thing in this game that I noticed is that as time passes MJ’s appearance and clothing changes giving a sense of time and is a really smart piece of environmental story telling I haven’t seen a lot of in recent history or at all now I think about it.

Overall The Way Remastered could of been something special but the third act really took this game from nostalgic masterpiece to a nostalgic journey. With an amazing art design and soundtrack The Way Remastered is a good game but doesn’t reach its potential due to a disappointing final act and a few mechanical limitations.

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  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


At its heart The Way Remastered is a love letter to a bygone era of cinematic platform adventure games but like the games that inspired it, The way is held back by the same limitations that hindered by them in a time when they shouldn’t.

Great story and art-style but a weak and padded third act make what was an amazing game a good game.

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