May 27, 2022

The Warzone Bunkers Are Opening!

The vaults in Call of Duty: Warzone are opening at long last and are fully loaded with loot.

Since the launch of the game the vaults have been a mystery with players waiting to see whats inside.

I was hoping for zombies, but you know, I’m a dreamer.

Interactive Items

Items located around the map such as phones, laptops and the vault doors have allowed players to interact to a certain extent.

But now players can enter the vaults using a a Red Access Card that can be found in the rare orange legendary crates.

Check out the video below to see the moment the bunker door opens… and there aren’t zombies. I am a little sad about that to be honest.

credit: FaZeDirty

What’s In There?

As you can see the bunker was abundant in loot, that will see you sitting pretty to buy whatever you need, and get your teammates back (looking at you Kyle, Paul and Jon).

This change has snuck in during the latest update for Warzone, check out them full list of updates in the link.

Though one bug I’ve seen that is still in game is trapping you at the Buy Station when it opens.

I’ve seen a friend crouch by the box and get trapped by the sides when it opens, so watch where you sit.

Unable to move, he was claimed by the gas… to become a zombie? Who knows.

Sourced from: GameRadar

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