July 5, 2022

THE VIDEOKID: 80’s Edition – Nintendo Switch Review

THE VIDEOKID: 80’s Edition is a tightly packaged nostalgia trip from creators Pixel Trip Studios and brings all of your 80’s pop culture memories to life.

Essentially a remake of the NES classic Paperboy with the art-style of Crossy Road, THE VIDEOKID is really well presented and packed full of character. You are tasked with delivering VHS tapes on your skateboard down a busy street and ultimately meeting your girlfriend at the end; Simple.

The only problem is your street is filled with obstacles blocking your way and you have only one life to get there. You get hit and you are back to the start just like its NES counterpart.

Now the first thing I must say is the game is nice and simple and the controls are pretty tight. Most of your movements will be due to quick reactions as the many obstacles block your path so tight controls are a must. You will be jumping cars, grinding benches, dodging man-holes and avoiding crashing into the many 80’s pop culture characters patrolling the streets.

The pop culture references are in their droves. Everyone from ET to Inspector Gadget are in this game. As I participated in dozens of runs in this game I found myself dying mainly from getting distracted by my favourite childhood characters as they passed my skateboarding dude on the street and I would be looking at them and not seeing the fire hydrant coming towards me.

As you tear down the street you can quickly change lanes, perform tricks and pick up power-ups helping you get further each time. Each run is random so you cannot learn the patterns which makes each run that more difficult. Throwing tapes into mail boxes becomes a skill you will quickly get used to and you will have the timing down after a few tries, that’s when you will start trying to hit the many targets littering the gardens and gaining money.

Collecting coins, delivering tapes and knocking out NPCs all contributes to your cash reward at the end of each run. You can use this money to buy skateboarding tricks and more importantly new skins for your character.

The default skin is Back To The Future’s very own Marty McFly but you can unlock everything from the Cookie Monster to, my personal favourite, Teen Wolf. The store has a small selection but each skin is brilliantly designed.

The game consists of one randomly generated street but if you fall down a man-hole there’s a pretty cool sewer level as well. This adds some well needed variety to the environment. You are going to pay less than a fiver for THE VIDEOKID so you’re not getting a lot of content like you would a more expensive game. You are paying mobile game prices for a slightly meatier mobile game, so that’s not a bad thing.

The little that THE VIDEOKID does it does perfectly. A lot of the budget E-Shop games on the Switch try to do lots of things and they do all of them badly. The developers of the game knew what made NES games like Paperboy great and they have replicated that NES authenticity brilliantly.

So when you do finally master the game and reach your girlfriend the game shows you your stats and from that moment the game becomes beating your own score, this continuous game-play loop can be pretty addictive and is how the old arcade games kept you coming back.

THE VIDEOKID: 80’s Edition is a charming little trip back to the generation that brought us some of the best movies and games of all time. Whether you are earning money for skins or chasing your best time this game will give you hours of enjoyment and bucket loads of nostalgia.

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  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


THE VIDEOKID: 80’s Edition is a simple and charming trip down memory lane. There’s not a lot to this game but what there is, is beautifully executed and you’re going to struggle to find a better Switch game for less than a fiver.

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