The Versus Evil Spring Steam Sale Is Here!

The Versus Evil Spring Steam Sale Is Here!

Huge Range of Discounts Available Throughout the complete Versus Evil Catalogue

Versus Evil, one of the largest independent video game publishers, has announced a GIANT range of discounts across its entire catalogue in its latest publisher sale on Steam.

Players can jump on board with the critically acclaimed and award winning epic RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire with huge discounts of up to 75% off the Standard Edition and the Obsidian Edition which is the games biggest sale yet! If you’re looking to add a little extra to your gaming experience, the Season Pass is also available to adventurers  with an extremely generous discount of 75% off as well.

Zany platformer Sockventure is available with a very respectable discount of 34% off. Jump into a new perilous world and find all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine.

Critically acclaimed 2D stealth em’ up UnMetal which launched in 2021 sneaks in a half price discount with 50% off. Become Jesse Fox and escape a covert military base guarded by elite commandos easily distracted by shiny coins. 

Master tactics and strategies in a tale of Arthurian legend with rogue lite turn-based RPG The Hand of Merlin which is available with a discount of 40% off. The Deluxe Edition bundle offers both the main game and The Hand of Merlin Soundtrack at 40% off too. 

Are you the master of the board? Faeria is a beautifully crafted digital collectable card and turn based strategy game with 75% off the main game and 75% off extras such as Orbs, Avatars and cardbacks!

If you’re hungry for GIANT weapons, awesome crafting mechanics and GIANT Bosses, the intense bullet crazy first-person shooter Mothergunship is the game for you. Right now it’s available with a discount of 80% off, along with The Mothergunship Soundtrack which is also 80% off.  

Why not head back to High School with cosy RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club? A game inspired by tactics RPGs and visual novels. With a clutch of awards to its name including RPGFans ‘Best Strategy RPG of 2020’, why not take the opportunity to snatch this up at 60% off the main game or grab the Wintermost Edition at the same 60% off.

Webby award nominated single player RPG Cardpocalypse is a steal with a current discount of 60% off the main game and also what a perfect time to pick up the DLC ‘Out of time’ at 60% off too.

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