May 17, 2022

The Steam Page For Super People Is Now Live

Wonder People announced that the Steam page for their upcoming battle royale Super People is now live.

Super People’s Alpha Test was a success, and the upcoming battle royale will soon be available on both Steam and GeeGee–Wonder People’s proprietary game client.

Check out the twist In this battle royale in the video below:

YouTube player

The newly opened Steam page offers the first overview of Super People for global players. With detailed specifications, a comprehensive game introduction, and some new intel about the game mechanics and world, players can see what the game will offer upon launch.

Those who want to join the community can also head over to the Community Hub and meet players from all corners of the world before they drop into Orbisland and the world of Super People!

Alpha Test Success

The opening of the Steam page also coincides with the end of Super People’s Alpha Test, which ran from August 11 to August 23.

With a gathering of many applicants and active game matches during the test period, the success of the Alpha Test showcased the potential of Super People and its place as a next-generation FPS battle royale.

YouTube player

It was great to see all the players having fun and enjoying the game that we’ve been working tirelessly on.

We’re seeing some great feedback and reports from our community, and we’re taking many of them into consideration to further improve Super People. We want to meet the high expectations of players from all over the world at launch.”

Wonder People

For more information about the Alpha Test and Super People, check out the official website and socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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