July 3, 2022

The Outer Worlds Sold Better on PS4 than Xbox One

gameplay still from the outer worlds

Following the recent release of Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds, the sales figures are in. An impressive start for the space-RPG, but how exactly did it fare on consoles?

Well, thanks to gamesindustry.biz, we know that The Outer Worlds did exceptionally well on PlayStation 4. A whopping 78% of sales came from the PS4, with Xbox One accounting for a meagre 22% in comparison.

Of course, there is a catch to these numbers. Whilst The Outer Worlds did sell more copies on PlayStation, these figures only take physical copies into consideration. Over on Xbox One, The Outer Worlds was available as part of the Game Pass programme. Meaning anyone with an active Game Pass account could download the game for free.

Private Division, a Take-Two subsidiary company, published The Outer Worlds. However, Microsoft owns developers Obsidian Entertainment. Hence the reason behind the game launching on the Game Pass.

The Future of Gaming Afterall?

In the past, Take-Two has been highly sceptical of subscription-based services such as the Game Pass. Xbox believes that being involved in the programme can actually boost traditional sales for publishers. By releasing through the Game Pass, it creates a strong community around the title immediately, and that community can spread to others who may not have the Game Pass. It becomes a nice revolving door of content creation and peer reviews supporting a title.

Obviously, if The Outer Worlds does do well on Xbox, then Take-Two might be more inclined to go towards that route in the future. Regardless of the outcome, The Outer Worlds is a joy to play and many of us here at Any Button Gaming are thoroughly enjoying our time with it.

You can expect to see a review on it in the coming week. As I said, we highly recommend it.

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