May 27, 2022

The Outer Worlds DLC Makes Landfall In September

The Outer Worlds creators and uncrowned kings and queens of roleplaying games Obsidian Entertainment will soon grace us with its first piece of DLC. Peril on Gorgon is the name and shooting people in the face with plasma guns is the game.

Obsidian promises new guns, new sets of pastel armour, new perks, and obviously a whole bunch of new quests. The Story of Peril on Gorgon takes the player on a journey that will reveal the shady background of the time breaking drug: Adreno-Time. The search for the truth about Adreno-Time unfolds on the asteroid Gorgon, which we all can presume is quite perilous.


The Outer Worlds DLC will drop on September 9 and is the first of two planned DLCs available with the expansion pass. Will you be returning to the Halcyon-system to spank some alien butt and quite possibly unveil the secrets of time-bending narcotics?

If you want to know what our resident Canadian, Mike, thought about the game, check out his review here.

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