July 5, 2022

The Outer World Update Brings Bigger Text to Game

The excellent Outer Worlds has, perhaps, one major issue. And I say “issue” in the loosest sense of the word as it’s not necessarily an issue for everybody. However, it’s enough for Obsidian to take action and change it.

In a recent patch update, Obsidian has addressed the size of certain fonts used in the loading screens and dialogue. With patch, users will be able to increase the font size through the UI tab in the settings menu. All fonts and texts included in conversations, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminals can be increased in size.

The patch also solves a reported issue with the game as players have found the game crashes when reaching Tartarus. Other issues- such as the design of the Prismatic Hammer being rebalanced, Botched companion missions will be reverted to Active, and some textural improvements – have been addressed. The full list of updates can be found here, or, conveniently, below.

Additionally, Obsidian has made a forum for discussing improvements that they can implement into the game. The Technical Support forum can be found here. Beware of potential spoilers, however. You have been warned!

Resolved Issues for Patch

Top Community Requests:

  • The game crashing at a specific point when the player has reached Tartarus has been resolved
  • Toggle to increase the font size (found in the UI tab under Settings). Increases font for conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text.


  • Players will no longer experience muffled sounds when playing on the PlayStation 4


  • The Prismatic Hammer has been rebalanced and no longer incorrectly uses the level multiplier as an exponent instead of a multiplier and will no longer do 10s of thousands of points of damage at a higher level. Now deals the damage it should have been dealing all along


  • Existing Botched companion quests will have their status reset to Active allowing the player to add them to a party when leaving the ship in order to un-botch the quests unless the death occurred prior to unlocking the companion quest
  • Fix for “Radio Free Monarch” where issues would happen when talking to Nayoka while having SAM in your party


  • Foliage on the Xbox One now has parity with the foliage on PlayStation 4
  • The achievement/trophy for “It’s Not the Best Choice” will pop correctly

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