The Official History of PAC-MAN is coming soon

The Official History of PAC-MAN is coming soon

We all know PAC-MAN. For some of us, it was our first foray into the gaming world. Moving that yellow sphere, collecting dots and avoiding ghosts. Pure gaming heaven.

Well now, Cook and Becker have announced a new hardcover retrospective looking at the history of PAC-MAN. The book, titled ‘PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon’ will detail the birth and rise of the character and look at its explosion in the gaming industry and as a pop-culture juggernaut.

I never understood high-end fashion anyway…

The new book will contain untold stories, new details and archival imagery, along with concept designs, marketing photos and will examine the game’s design philosophy with interviews with the original creative team that brought PAC-MAN to life.

Yakuta Fuse, Head of Licensing and Branding at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment said in a statement that:

It is a great honor that the 40-years’ history of PAC-MAN is now turned into a beautiful book and will soon be published by Cook & Becker. Cook & Becker did a wonderful job of going deeply into the early days of the video game industry. We would like to show a special respect to the detailed research they had to do to realize this book. We hope this book will provide video game fans insight into the innovation and creation behind the industry’s history

The book itself is set to be released in summer 2021, with three different editions to pick from!


Standard Hardcover Edition

  • Cost: £35.15
  • The book itself
  • A bonus text of the first-ever English translation of PAC-MAN creator Toru Iwatani’s memoir, PAC-MAN’s Method.

Collector’s Edition:

  • Cost: £87.95
  • The book
  • PAC-MAN themed slipcase and box
  • An Exclusive PAC-MAN arcade token
  • Brand New 7″ Vinyl pressing of 1981 hit PAC-MAN Fever by Buckner & Garcia
  • Limited to 2000 copies (Numbered)

Collector’s Edition (Signed)

  • Cost: £262.82
  • Signed by creator Toru Iwatani
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Everything in the Collector’s Edition
  • Limited to 40 copies (Numbered)

If you’re not sure what PAC-MAN Fever was/is…take a look below…at your own risk:

YouTube player

PAC-MAN: Birth of an Icon is available to pre-order now at Cook and Becker, with it expected to ship by 31st July 2021.

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